Company Information

Business Office is an operating division of Barnhard Associates, LLC. Our company headquarters is located in Cabin John, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC. If you would like to contact us please follow the link to our Contact Us page.

What we are trying to do

We at believe that secure, heterogeneous, distributed, highly reliable networks should be the norm on the Internet, not the exception.

To that end we provide best-of-breed solutions including hardware, software, connectivity and consulting services to help a wide range of commercial, government, educational organizations as well as individual users towards achieving that goal.

We care about your real requirements ... security, performance, availability and true cost.

Security/Privacy because your business is your business.

Performance because your time and your associates/staff time is valuable.

Availability because ready access to services and equipment you count on is critical to your business.

True Cost because you want assured security/privacy, you want guaranteed performance, you want high availability, and you want customer service you can reach whenever there is a problem.

Who we are - The team

Gary Pearce Barnhard, President

Gary Barnhard has been providing computer consulting, networking and systems engineering services since 1977 for wide range of clients including educational, government and commercial organizations. In his spare time he has also served as a Robotic Space Systems Engineer for the International Space Station Program, and has worked extensively in the systems engineering of advanced automation, robotic, and space systems.

Hugh Daniel, Systems Architect

Hugh Daniel has been working in computer security for nearly as long as the field has existed. He has extensive programming experience in most flavors of Unix. Hugh is the lead tester and manager for the Linux Free S/WAN project.

Jonathan Lasser, Systems Security Specialist

Jon Lasser has been a Linux user since Yggdrasil's Summer '93 release. Today he's the project coordinator for Bastille Linux. He is also the author of the published book Think Unix.

Acceptable Use Policy will provide customers with the connectivity, services and support as defined in the service agreement. Customers agree not to use for the furtherance of the following activities:

  • distribution/sending of unsolicited electronic mail
  • unlawful or malevolent conduct

This policy is subject to revision as necessary. If you have a question about our policy and/or it's applicability to what you wish to do, please contact us.


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