Connectivity / IP Services offers a range of connectivity options including single & multi-channel analog dialup, ISDN, iDSL, sDSL and T-1. In addition, we offer Domain Name Services (DNS), e-mail services, remote access services, shared and dedicated web hosting services, as well as eCommerce capabilities.

Clients wishing enhanced IP services can use our Custom Products which provide an on-site "Data Center in a Box". Available enhanced services include providing transparent, user-controlled encrypted security association links/VPN communication with other enabled sites, onsite firewall services, e-mail services at LAN speeds, Internet accelerator services, intranet web services, enhanced remote access services, secure off-site backup services, as well as fax services.

Since connectivity / IP services must be engineered to work together offers an sDSL Business Class Service Package which provides all the basic connectivity / IP services a small business requires on a cost effective. Enhanced services can be added when they are required. Alternatively, the full range of Connectivity / IP Services are available on an ala' Carte basis.

If you would like to know what connectivity / IP Service options are available to meet your requirements please contact us. For connectivity options we need the complete street address and primary phone number for your site(s) to perform a free no-obligation assessment / pre-qualification.

Our sDSL Business Class Service Package Includes:

  • Allocated bandwidth, 7x24 connections to the Internet, ranging from 144 kbps to 1500 kbps both upstream and downstream (availability depends on wire distance from Telco Central Office and appropriate facilities)
  • Routed connections with IP address assignment as needed
  • Dial-up capability for interim and emergency use
  • Unlimited workstation & server use at the installation site
  • Virtual Domain Name Service support
  • Virtual email server support*
  • Virtual web server support*
  • Flat rate service (includes all Telco, CLEC, and Internet Access fees)
  • Emergency off-site (our East Coast facility) and remote site (our West Coast facility) mail relay service
  • Basic firewall/filter activation
  • Basic customer accessible bandwidth monitoring
  • Quality of Service Guarantee included
  • Optional fault tolerant connection services
  • Optional Excalibur Class IP Server/Security Gateways

* Subject to reasonable use limitations as agreed to in service contract


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