Consulting Services through it's in-house resources, contractor resources, and vendor resources can provide the systems engineering consulting services your firm needs to deal with virtually any established or emergent information technology requirement.

We provide consulting services/support through the entire lifecycle of a system.

  • We will help you define and codify your requirements.
  • We can help you cost required equipment and services.
  • We can serve as a cost effective procurement channel.
  • We can expedite delivery.
  • We can provide and/or coordinate any necessary wiring/utilities modifications.
  • We can provide on-site equipment installation, setup and customization.
  • We can provide training.
  • We can provide on-going scheduled off-site and onsite support.
  • We can provide 24x7 emergency support.

Got an information technology problem that seems untractable? We may not be able to solve the paradox, but chances are we can define, prove out, and help you implement a cost effective solution that gets the job done that really needs to be done. Please contact us, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.


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