Security Matters

"All communications via the Internet that are not encrypted using software under your control are readable by any individual or organization willing to spend the time, money, and trouble to do so."
- Gary Pearce Barnhard circa 2001

We invite you to suspend disbelief if you must, and consider the following questions:

*What is your personal security worth?

*What is your company's security worth?

These are not obscure academic questions. The technology exists to capture both in-bound and out-bound Internet traffic for a specific user as well as any combination of users. This technology is now in use by one or more organizations. Accordingly, we must all face the choice of investing the resources necessary now to secure our individual and collective security with respect to the Internet or abandon even the pretense of its existence.

For years, network security experts have known that pretty much all communications on the Internet - even ostensibly private communications such as e-mail and chat - are anything but private. Thanks to press coverage of various privacy debacles such as DoubleClick's user profiling technology and the FBI's Carnivore system, Internet security has become a primary concern for Internet users at all levels of experience

In light of these developments, is now more committed than ever to ensure that private, encrypted communications over the Internet become the de facto standard in Internet connectivity.


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