Adding Events to a Ticket

The log can add events to a ticket. Events may be additional information gleaned via discussions with the subject, or may include work performed on the ticket. The arguments required by log are, in order, ticket-id, username, billing-code, and then either a Y or N indicating if the customer should be permitted to see the log entry, or if it is only for internal use. (This last piece is not enforced at present, though it should be in later versions of BATTS.)

The only piece of information we have not discussed previously is the billing code. To see a list of available billing codes, use the show-billing command. The code informational is available for informational messages. To create a note on ticket 123, John Smith would run the command log 123 me informational Y, after which he could enter text, as with writing the long description for a ticket. Again, type Control-D to end text entry. A log ID number will be generated and returned to you.

To see a particular log entry, simply run show-log log-id; to see all log entries associated with a particular ticket, run show-ticket-log ticket-id.

If you wish to create a log event with a duration (that is, you started work at one point and finished later), simply create the log entry when you begin work. When you are done with the work, run log-end log-id.