Creating the Database

In the sql_scripts, there are several files that you will need to modify. First, edit the create-tables.sql script to point to your account and password. The fourth line of the file, which begins grant ALL on batts.* is the line that needs to be modified. If you have changed the database account name in the batts.myrc file, then change batts@localhost to point to the account name. It may be necessary to change localhsot to the actual host name of your system as well. The password, which is set by default to gimmeanewpassword should also be changed to match the setting from your batts.myrc file.

Next, modify people.txt, and change the e-mail address to match that of your trouble ticketing system. The file is tab-delimeted, and the database is very sensitive to the format. The name unassigned must not be changed. The name of the trouble ticket system, which is set by default to BATTS Trouble Ticket System may be changed, but caution is warranted.

In the customers.txt file, change internal to a short username to identify the organization running the ticketing system, and (following a tab), change Your Company Name Here to a reasonable long name for your company or organization.

Finally, you can run the initialize-database script to create the database. If you have set a password on MySQL's root account, run with the -p option.