Installing the Scripts

There are two scripts that are part of BATTS: batts and ticket-via-email. The first line of each of the scripts must point to your Perl installation: if your preferred version of Perl is in /usr/local/bin, change the part of the first line that reads /usr/bin/perl to read /usr/local/bin/perl instead.

The scripts merely need to be copied to a binary directory on your system; we recommend that they be installed in /usr/local/bin. They may be installed via the following sequence of commands executed from the bin subdirectory of the BATTS distribution:

cp batts ticket-via-email /usr/local/bin
pushd /usr/local/bin
chgrp batts batts ticket-via-email
chmod 0750 batts ticket-via-email
At this point, you may wish to install symbolic links for the various BATTS commands. If you are using a Bourne shell derivative such as the Korn Shell or BASH, you may execute the following command from the /usr/local/bin directory to install symbolic links for most of the BATTS commands:
for foo in `batts show-commands
	| egrep -v '(help|mysql|touch)'`; do ln -s batts $foo; done
If you have a command on your system named log, you should add log to the egrep command, which eliminates commands from the list of installed symlinks. It is presumed that you do not wish to override mysql or touch commands, and the help would be confusing for most users, who will not intend to be using BATTS.