Installing the Mail Gateway

Installing the Mail gateway is not difficult, but requires some modest system administration experience. Because of the group-membership security requirement for BATTS, it's simplest to create a user who is a member of the batts group. On my system, I created a user named trouble; if this user will not by default receive mail sent to the return address you configured in the above configuration files, you should create an alias that points at this account.

Most Sendmail installations have smrsh (Sendmail Restricted Shell) configured. This requires that programs which may be executed by users be stored (or symbolically linked to) in the smrsh directory. On my Linux system, this is /etc/smrsh, but this may differ on other Unix flavors. From that directory, create a symbolic link to the ticket-via-email script. On my system, this may be done as follows:

pushd /etc/smrsh
ln -s /usr/local/bin/ticket-via-email ticket-via-email
The next step is making the script execute when mail is sent to the appropriate e-mail address. Assuming that you created a user account for BATTS, create a .forward in that user's home directory which points to the script. The script name should be in quotes, with a pipe (|) prior to the filename within the quotes. On my system, trouble's .forward file reads as follows:
The ,root at the end of the line is optional. It mails a copy of the incoming ticket to everyone who is listed in the root alias. If instead you wanted the ticket to be processed by the script, mailed to everyone on the <> mailing list run on another machine, and to a user named joe on the local machine, this line could read
The file should be writable only by the user; mode 0644 is fine. If other users can write to the .forward file, then Sendmail will refuse to execute it.

While it may be possible to use an alias in /etc/aliases and have the ticket-via-email script setgid to the BATTS group, my gut feeling is that this would be less secure than creating another user. I have no real evidence for that assertion, however.

At this point, BATTS is installed on your system. Send a test ticket in via the e-mail gateway and see that everything performs as expected.