I. BATTS Manual Pages

Table of Contents
assign-ticket — Assign a ticket to a user
billing-new — Create a new category for billing items
category-new — Create a new category for tickets
category-ticket — Change the category of a ticket
close-ticket — Close a resolved ticket
customer-new — Add a new customer to BATTS
customer-ticket — Assign a ticket to a customer
duplicate-ticket — Mark a ticket as a duplicate.
help — Produce a listing of available commands and their syntax
log — Add an event log message to a ticket
log-end — Set the end-time on a log entry
longdesc-ticket — Rewrite the long description on a ticket
pending-on — Mark a ticket as waiting for another ticket's completion.
person-fullname — Set a person's full name in the people database
person-new — Create a new person in the database
priority-ticket — Change the priority on a ticket
requestor-ticket — Change the requestor of a ticket
resolve-ticket — Set the status of a given ticket to resolved.
resolve-when — Mark a ticket as resolved when another ticket is resolved
shortdesc-ticket — Reset the short description of a ticket
show-billing — Display the list of available billing codes
show-cat-ticket — Show short list of all tickets in a category
show-categories — Show the list of BATTS categories
show-cust-ticket — Display all tickets belonging to a customer
show-customers — Display a list of customers
show-log — Display a single event log entry
show-my — Display open tickets belonging to a user
show-new — Show new tickets
show-open — List all open tickets
show-people — Display a list of people known by the system
show-priorities — List all priorities available within the system
show-status — Display a list of available status codes.
show-ticket — Display the entire contents of a ticket
show-ticket-log — Display a single event log entry
status-ticket — Change the status code for a ticket
ticket-new — Create a new ticket
ticket-via-email — Create a new ticket based on an e-mail message
touch — Update the last-modified time for a ticket.