resolve-ticket -- Set the status of a given ticket to resolved.


resolve-ticket [− − [no]mail] ticket-number


Set the status of the ticket identified by ticket-number to resolved. Take text from STDIN and store that text in the resolution field of the ticket.

When a ticket is resolved, other tickets are scanned. Tickets that are resolved on or are a duplicate of the current ticket are also resolved; tickets that are pending on the current ticket will have their status reset to assigned or new, depending on whether the ticket had previously been assigned.

By default, mail is sent to the ticket's requestor; if the − −nomail option is provided, sending mail will be suppressed for the ticket and all subsidiary tickets.


Security is enforced only by standard Unix permission bits.

See Also

assign-ticket(1), billing-new(1), category-new(1), category-ticket(1), close-ticket(1), customer-new(1), customer-ticket(1), duplicate-ticket(1), help(1), log(1), log-end(1), longdesc-ticket(1), mysql(1), pending-on(1), person-fullname(1), person-new(1), person-username(1), priority-ticket(1), requestor-ticket(1), resolve-ticket(1), resolve-when(1), shortdesc-ticket(1), show-billing(1), show-cat-ticket(1), show-categories(1), show-commands(1), show-cust-ticket(1), show-customers(1), show-log(1), show-my(1), show-new(1), show-open(1), show-people(1), show-priorities(1), show-status(1), show-ticket(1), show-ticket-log(1), status-ticket(1), ticket-new(1), ticket-via-email(1), touch(1)