show-ticket -- Display the entire contents of a ticket


show-ticket ticket-number


Display the full contents of ticket ticket-number. This includes the ticket number, its creator, their company, the creation time, to whom the ticket is assigned, the time that the ticket was last modified, its status, its category, its priority, the short description, and the long description.


Security is enforced only by standard Unix permission bits.

Display of dates is in native MySQL timestamp format, which is unreadable to normal people. There should be a way to display log entries for the ticket, not that the log functions are working yet.

See Also

assign-ticket(1), billing-new(1), category-new(1), category-ticket(1), close-ticket(1), customer-new(1), customer-ticket(1), duplicate-ticket(1), help(1), log(1), log-end(1), longdesc-ticket(1), mysql(1), pending-on(1), person-fullname(1), person-new(1), person-username(1), priority-ticket(1), requestor-ticket(1), resolve-ticket(1), resolve-when(1), shortdesc-ticket(1), show-billing(1), show-cat-ticket(1), show-categories(1), show-commands(1), show-cust-ticket(1), show-customers(1), show-log(1), show-my(1), show-new(1), show-open(1), show-people(1), show-priorities(1), show-status(1), show-ticket(1), show-ticket-log(1), status-ticket(1), ticket-new(1), ticket-via-email(1), touch(1)