ticket-via-email -- Create a new ticket based on an e-mail message




Create a new ticket based on an e-mail message read via STDIN. The creator of the ticket is set to the person listed in the From field; if no such e-mail address is listed in the person database, their account is created. The short description is set to the text of the subject line of the message, and the long description is set to the body of the message.


This code relies on the ticket-new command and is bound by all of its restrictions.

See Also

assign-ticket(1), billing-new(1), category-new(1), category-ticket(1), close-ticket(1), customer-new(1), customer-ticket(1), duplicate-ticket(1), help(1), log(1), log-end(1), longdesc-ticket(1), mysql(1), pending-on(1), person-fullname(1), person-new(1), person-username(1), priority-ticket(1), requestor-ticket(1), resolve-ticket(1), resolve-when(1), shortdesc-ticket(1), show-billing(1), show-cat-ticket(1), show-categories(1), show-commands(1), show-cust-ticket(1), show-customers(1), show-log(1), show-my(1), show-new(1), show-open(1), show-people(1), show-priorities(1), show-status(1), show-ticket(1), show-ticket-log(1), status-ticket(1), ticket-new(1), ticket-via-email(1), touch(1)