status-ticket -- Change the status code for a ticket


status-ticket ticket-number status-name


Change the status code for ticket ticket-number to status-name.


Security is enforced only by standard Unix permission bits. This command can be used to evade the mailing of ticket resolutions to customers, or evade the requirement that a ticket be resolved before it can be closed. Note that if a ticket is resolved or closed via status-ticket, subsidiary tickets are not automatically resolved. This behavior is strongly discouraged, of course.

See Also

assign-ticket(1), billing-new(1), category-new(1), category-ticket(1), close-ticket(1), customer-new(1), customer-ticket(1), duplicate-ticket(1), help(1), log(1), log-end(1), longdesc-ticket(1), mysql(1), pending-on(1), person-fullname(1), person-new(1), person-username(1), priority-ticket(1), requestor-ticket(1), resolve-ticket(1), resolve-when(1), shortdesc-ticket(1), show-billing(1), show-cat-ticket(1), show-categories(1), show-commands(1), show-cust-ticket(1), show-customers(1), show-log(1), show-my(1), show-new(1), show-open(1), show-people(1), show-priorities(1), show-status(1), show-ticket(1), show-ticket-log(1), status-ticket(1), ticket-new(1), ticket-via-email(1), touch(1)